A very brief biography, in case you’re wondering who the ?&%$% I am.

Selections of music I have written – a lot of it is church music, as that is what I am mainly involved in these days. There are some audio and video examples, as well as PDF scores. Most of the church music is suitable for average parish choristers and organists – if that is you, you are welcome to download and use any of my pieces for not-profit purposes.

I rarely post anything to Facebook, as I prefer to be the one in control of my personal information. So if you want to know what I’ve been up to, go here (and hope I’ve managed to keep it up to date!).

Piano Lounge
Another life as a lounge pianist…

No, there is nothing X-rated here! It is a password-protected area where I will put anything that is of personal interest to friends and family. If you know me, email me and ask for the password.